01 May 2013

changing of the guards

i'm not saying it's impossible to homeschool 4 kids, keep 2 dogs occupied, pack a house, help oversee a small renovation project 800 miles away, maintain the boys' schedules and appointments and continue to make 3 wholesome meals a day, but holy panda-it's challenging. 

last night we were finishing dinner when i noticed the two little boys take charge with the dishes. clearing the table and washing them up. this is the chore that is usually led by the oldest two with their side kicks. but last night whilst the 12 year old rested from an orthodontist appointment and the 13 year was m.i.a., the 10 and 6 year old silently took the helm.

the Mister commented, "yep. we've started having team a and team b. but usually there is an older boy with a younger to balance." i reflected, "with jack going off to school next year, i'll also have to teach these monkeys how to do laundry."

you see next year our 13, almost 14 year old will officially be leaving homeschool for high school. he's been accepted into a rigorous science program that will be challenging for this boy who quite literally sees the world through scientific lenses.

accompanying him will be the 12 year old who will also be attending school next year. his choice, like his brother. mama chose an all boys school for this very social lad who has more friends of the feminine persuasion. it's not that i have anything against girls. it's just that i see a storm brewing on the horizon. a storm called puberty. and when it makes landfall, i want this boy to be shored up with a little separation while he figures a few things out. 

and while these two older boys are out and about, the younger two will continue their steep in the cup of homeschool. savoring their stories and writings and quips along the way, will be me, their mother and their schoolmarm. 

in a few short weeks we'll be back in our little cottage, living in our eclectic neighborhood, missing our friends from the mid atlantic, catching up with the friends we left 4 years ago and getting ready for a changing of the guards as two leave two to take their place.

it's good. it's hard. it's scary. but mostly it's exciting.



Beth said...

it's mary kathryn and beth ... we love you and can't wait for you to move back !!!!!! these pics made me cry and laugh. love you all so much :)

Catherine said...

I'm thinking about you and offering up a prayer with all that is on your plate right now.

Can't wait to have you 'round the corner! Much love!