15 May 2013

great expectations

one of the things i find most important in raising children is setting their expectations. take that proverbial bar and raise it-high, baby.

we've never been ones to shower our children with stuff. it's costly to their hearts and to our wallets. but when it comes to experiences, well. those are priceless. 

so this weekend we decided to head over to the eastern shore. have you ever been? ridiculous. ridiculous. especially to a water seeker girl like me. 

so you have the atlantic ocean on one side. and when you tire of the salt water, all you have to do it walk across the street to wade out in the chesapeake bay. one side is covered in tan sand. the other side, in the loveliest bunch of pebbles. and the entire time i was literally jumping up and down like a giddy school girl. 

since moving to maryland, we've visited the eastern shore only 4 times. i still can't get over the gluttonous feeling i experience with each visit. so much beauty i cannot fully digest it. but i want more and more. 

and then there were those wild horses that walked by our car. but then we saw a pack out in the bog so we rolled up our pants legs and traipsed to get a closer look. along the way, i found a deer antler. my heart was so full, brimming, with gratitude for this moment. 

my boys saw their parents, in the midst of packing boxes and pinching pennies, plan a cheap retreat to the water. the entire time i kept thinking, adventure waits for no one. and this adventure was so worth the inconvenience. 

right now we are in the throes of moving our family of 6 plus 2 dogs across the country. the Mister is covered up in work. we are renovating our kitchen. but if we wait for the perfect time, well, in our case, we may have missed this opportunity to drive over the expansive chesapeake bay bridge{as i hyperventilated}one last time.

we may have missed seeing our boys get within arms reach of a wild assateague horse. we may have missed seeing our 10 year gleefully pick up a horseshoe crab. or watch as the bald eagles flew over our heads. over.our.heads.

friends, please don't postpone spontaniety for planning. don't wait for the perfect time. maybe the perfect time is now. 

just my 2 cents.



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