22 April 2013

the beginning of the end

this weekend we began the arduous task of saying goodbye. we had a few lasts that made my heart ache. 

on friday we gathered with our little homeschool tutorial to bid adieu. it was bittersweet. to think we may never see some of these sweet faces again. goodness it makes me sad. but grateful for email and instagram and facebook and blogging. the internet really makes the world seem a great deal smaller. 

on saturday morn we met up with our sweet friends the hanns and their very darling boy, bowman for a jaunt around the arboreum. have you ever been? quite spectacular. we have lived here 4 years and were kicking ourselves for never coming til now. and on this clear, bright, very breezy day-the sights were even lovelier. 

but then we were reminded that it was lunch time so we loaded up and drove over to union market. and even though a security guard chided me with a "kids aren't allowed to play here"{welcome to DC}, we had the most delightful time chatting and lunching at a little place that has the best name, red apron. their grilled cheese wasn't too shabby especially when pared with a gin and tonic that just happened to be on tap{what?}

the mister took the boys out on sunday afternoon for one last ride down that infamous wooden slide. and late in the afternoon as the sun was peaking over the appalachian trail, the oldest penned his name to an acceptance letter of sorts. more on that later. 

what a weekend wrought with much emotion. but my boys are always willing to cut the tension with their comedic timing and uncensored boyspeak. to which the oldest aptly observed, "we are not your typical homeschool family". indeed. and how was your weekend?


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