04 February 2013

while the boys are away...

yesterday afternoon the two big boys walked through our front door-exhausted. they had tales of cabin mates and games called slaughter. they reminisced about the good food and good talks. the oldest winced as he worked through his chore list. "my ribs ache". the 11 year old told us all about chatting with the guest speaker. "he's trying to grow a duck dynasty beard." our boys went out into the woods for a weekend of fun and fellowship and learning more about spiritual maturity with their church youth group whilst playing a super secret game that all i could glean had to do with flour. over dinner we unpacked the thesis of what they learned, but first pops had to answer, "what's a thesis?" 

whilst the big boys were away the littles enjoyed a weekend of being the oldest. from enjoying a jaunt through the country where we came upon an{huge}icy puddle, to perusing one of my favorite places-luckett's general store, to bowling, i have to say we managed to miss those two older boys with zeal and distraction.
h is for handsome.
the snow fell continuously which gave the illusion of powdered sugar being sifted. a sweet reminder of the Creator's love and care for us. the Mister sharpened our ax and hatchets. guess who is now the expert wood chopper? the 9 year old. perhaps a life as a lumberjack awaits? he has the passion and energy. needless to say we scarcely moved away from the fire most of the weekend. i do love a roaring fire. and that 6 year old can build a pretty spectacular fire! 

and how was your weekend, dear one? you know it's sad when your mother has to tell you where the superbowl is being played. needless to say, we were thrilled to learn{the next day}that our adopted hometown won! yeah, ravins. i mean, RAVENS!!!

 i did not miss my calling to be a kingpin.


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