10 February 2013

on guard!

we snuck out. him and me. well, that's not exactly true. i mean it's not like we didn't tell anyone where we were going. and we did hire a sitter. but it felt so exhilarating. akin to doing something secretive. decadent. 
i booked a cheap room{not to be confused with seedy}in the heart of DC{thanks, expedia}.

for 36 hours we wined and dined ourselves silly. 

we ran around town like a couple of younglovers. it was grand. and so so perfect. 
conjuring my inner mary tyler moore
he's been working a lot{like our whole marriage}and i've been impatient and overwrought with decisions{like our whole marriage}. this was our breakout session. 
good stuff 
nonstop talking about anything and everything from thoughts on DC's former superintendent of public schools michelle rhee{go, rhee! rhee for president!} to my wanderlust{and how we can use it for good}. the trivial to the important-and a lot in between. 
ebenezer's coffeehouse

union station
some mighty big changes are headed down our path. some decisions have already been made. others are being prayerfully sorted as i write. some will unfold as they unfold. 
a boyhood pastime 
how grateful i am to have had this short getaway. a time to turn away from dog and boys and clutter and noise and distraction. 
from the shores of alexandria{you can barely see the captiol on the horizon}
and turn to my Mister and changes and whim and adventure and courage. and it didn't hurt that a littlelove holiday is around the corner. we celebrated early since st.valentine's day falls on fencing night. on guard!
founding farmers:worththewait


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