14 February 2013

love is in the heir

february 14 rolls around and everybody starts talking candy and cards. expectations run the gamut. single people can feel the sting. married people sometimes bicker. relationships can quite literally be put to the test for this hallmarked holiday. and i can't help but feel like we have fallen for a great big{sometimes expensive} bag of lies. been tricked. o, dear me. let's stop the insanity shall we? 

why not make this love holiday obsolete by loving everyday, not just february 14. use the date on the calendar as a reminder not as an ultimatum. look around you. i would venture to guess if you spent a moment, you would see evidence of love all around. common, simple, ordinary observations of something that is great. gifts from the giver of love, our creator. those who have eyes, let them see!

here are some of my everyday loves...

sharing a roaring fire

small beginnings

coffee. yes. and amen.
clean dogs and the boys who love them

the sincerity of a handwritten note 

barber shops and the boys who frequent them 


boys who make their own lunches-and photograph their spoils

making ridiculous faces-and not caring what anyone thinks

one-of-a-kind-lego finds

kids who love history


slow starts

shrouded geeks

clean dishes

boys who learn at the table

first dances

brotherly love whilst keeping it real


sunshiney walks to the park

friends who knit me fun headbands-thanks, ariana! 


homemade cards

a man who isn't afraid to lead

love: may you have eyes to see!

p.s. i was just informed there is a spongebob valentine's special. sounds promising.

1 comment:

Ariana said...

You are welcome! Late birthday love, just in time for every day. :)