22 February 2013

another day, another city

we were heading down on monday when i asked the simple question, "who can tell me about mt.vernon?" a voice from the back volunteered, "isn't that the place where all the president's heads are sculpted on the side of the mountain?" stunned i replied, "um. no. that would be mt.rushmore-in south dakota. we're not going quite that far. today we're just driving to virgina."
happy birthday, mr. president!

no field trip is complete without a cooking segment

passports stamped

that would be washington's mansion in the background

may i suggest visiting mt. vernon on president's day because admission is free! a good tip from a sweet{and thrifty}friend. 

what a dazzling day. well worth our peanut butter and jelly freezing car picnic. although we were prohibited from taking photographs inside president washington's home, you'll be happy to know that he chose blue and green paint to adorn his walls {which we learned were the most expensive to which the 11 year old observed was a little showy} and yes. it was HE not SHE who made the decorating decisions back in the day. house rules. 

the grounds were once 3600 acres and have been pared down to a mere 400. lots of space for boys to roam. o, and did i mean he built his abode on the banks of the potomac? a water feature! my heart's desire. with a porch. swoon.

until next time...


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