28 January 2013


could somebody please come walk my dog? he has a huge fenced in yard, but for some reason, he just doesn't wish to stay put. that's why he frequently runs away.

i would pay you to help the 11 year old with his faces of history costume for his big presentation on friday. he's dressing up as jesus. no big deal. the thing is-i don't sew. he also has to think of some food to coincide with his presentation that also coincides with his research paper. by friday. wine, bread and{swedish}fish is what i suggested. sound good? okay okay, grape juice. geez.

the 13 year old could use someone to proofread his biology genetic map? he showed me the probability of my having another child with some kind of genetic abnormality today. he's a charmer that one.

i would love an extra hand in the kitchen. this morning i made my signature pumpkin bread like i have a million times before. only this time i forgot the baking powder AS WELL AS the baking soda. tell me, what kind of baker does that?!

the Mister is all kinds of crazy right now. calm and steady, but ever so busy. good thing he took me to dinner and a movie this weekend otherwise i might really be feeling neglected.

and then there's the crazy weather we have been having. snow. ice. it has me packing for the south-literally.

the littlest came to get in my bed last night{which was fine because the Mister didn't come to bed til 8am}. when i asked what prompted his night visit, he explained, "i was lonely". 

o, dear me. do you ever have days, weeks, months, years like this? our lives seem like they are getting crazier and more hectic and ever so frenetic. and i am just hanging on for dear life. you know that scene in the movie the incredibles when mr. incredible gets his bum kicked by that robot/drone? yep. that is so how i feel. like i am getting slapped over and over on a big boulder. and just as i catch my breath, whack. it happens again. 

today one of the boys had an orthodontist appointment. i spent 20 minutes scrapping ice off my car. left the other 3 with school work til i returned. hurried to the appointment only to realize she wasn't up for braving the ice. i left a very detailed voice mail as i drove back through the icy streets. upon my quick return home, the oldest sympathetically jotted down an outline for a software program{for 37$}that would enable this doctor to be able to access her appointment database from home{what a ridiculous excuse to give your patients on why you stood them up}. i plan to sell it to her tomorrow{with a markup}when we return for the rescheduled appointment.

perhaps life will slow down a bit. due to his lack of practice, our 11 year old was forced to quit guitar. we were paying for him to hang out once a week with a really cool guy. he can do that for free in nashville. but then last week he started fencing. so his electric guitar sits in the corner whilst he jousts with the fireplace poker{thanks, honey for that genius idea}

speaking of genius, today i was helping the 9 year old with what i thought was a simple math problem only to realize...i never taught him how to do THAT kind of math. funny how that happens. if you don't teach, your kids literally won't learn. and guess who i have to blame? not the public schools.

but that's okay. somehow the 6 year old knows how to do the 9 year old's math so he can teach him. well, when he isn't wrestling the dog. 

o, the dog. yes. the one who was bathed in my bathtub with my favorite aveda shampoo. and then was blown dry followed by a little sandalwood essential oil rub down. the Mister took a whiff as he pondered aloud, "if i ever come back as a dog, i want to be YOUR dog." my dog who smells great, but who rarely gets walked. and who runs away. a lot.

and it's only monday. 

your girl friday

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