17 January 2013


truth be told i wish i had a more beautiful birthstone. don't get me wrong, it could be worse. it could be aquamarine{sorry march}. 

growing up i remember checking my free hallmark calendar every year to make sure they hadn't changed the january birthstone to something like, i don't know, sapphire, pearl or diamond. but every year when i procured one of those tiny square purse sized calendars and flipped to the back, there it read january:garnet.

and it's fitting i reckon. my father always said i look best in red. my husband loves when i wear red. my personality is rather red too. and i've been known to wear my heart on my sleeve.

my birthday was this week. my biological odometer turned over to 42. we had dinner with friends the other night. joking about our ages my friend asked, "how does it feel turning '30'?" i quickened, "goodness, i am glad i am NOT turning 30 because if 30 felt like this i would feel very discouraged." 

and speaking of discouraged. i am NOT discouraged by the pants i split the other day. split like right up the heiny. wowsa. the Mister convinced me the age of the trousers and not the girth of my arse was to blame. we had a great giggle as i shuttered to think what i would have done had we NOT been at home when this most hilarious incident occurred. 
"son, a trip to anthroplogie covers a multitude of husband fails."

you see these boys o' mine whisked me away to baltimore for a little sight seeing, a walk through anthropologie where we managed to charm the clerks{and pick up more of my favorite bowls}and on to an early dinner at woodberry kitchen where the darling waiter ascertained it was my birthday and sent over a scoop of lemon ice cream.{how did he know that is my fav?!}

as a mother, birthdays are usually a mixed bag. i mean i still wear my mother's tiara, so there are duties like checking math problems and reading aloud that simply must happen even if it is a family holiday for crying out loud. but then there are the amazing birthday cards and promised homemade gifts{the littlest gives the best back rubs}

and the Mister is the most generous. he's flying me to see some of my besties. and while i am away he'll be steady at the helm with life and school. whataguy!

split pants and ugly birthstones aside, my life is pretty sweet. i share a birthday with martin luther king, jr. for pete's sake! yep. same day. different year. and like this prodigious prophet, i too have a dream. but i'll have to share that in a later post. i'm off to enjoy some leftover birthday cake. hey, i am ever so proud of my tight fitting trousers. it's been fun getting there.


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Melinda Speece said...

I am convinced that November always has the ugliest picture in the calendar. I mean, what can you do with November? You have to give Oct. the beautiful fall picture and Dec. has to get the beautiful winter picture. Nov. gets stuck with some random shot. Seriously, I've studied it for 41 years now.

And, November's birthday stone is topaz. ORANGE.

I feel your pain on all this.

And, I am glad you were born.