18 October 2012

slap happy

do you ever feel so exhausted and silly that the combination makes you almost feel like you have had a few too many? well, i get that way-too often. my kids do that to me. i have been like that a lot this week-the result of the mister's extra long work schedule along with the activity of our household. so the other day we were waiting on brother number 2 to finish up his guitar lesson when we found ourselves in a local toy store. i was running on fumes. then the oldest commented aloud, "i really hate playmobil toys. regardless of what they are doing, they always have a smile on their face. it's kind of creepy."

i looked closer at the box in front of him. then he began to walk around pointing to the boxes and adding his divine commentary. i could not stop laughing. loudly. obnoxiously. embarrassing my brood of boys. "he is right! these figures are downright sinister." have you ever noticed?

since you were not there, here is the oldest's take on the matter- with photographic accompaniment...

i'm taking you down, sister.

that wasn't so bad!

bring on the riots!

yeah! we lost.

yippee! a broken arm.

yeah! we're being robbed.

may you see the humor in your day. sometimes life is overwhelming. then you meet a toy that reminds you that it's also pretty hilarious. just notice this new line of microbe toys with its plush goodness representing lyme disease, fat cells, mono and nerve cells. for the baby who has everything. the beanie baby for the brilliant and curious.

i loved the measles toy with its red polka dots, but the boy quickly reminded, "microbes don't have eyes!"

cute measles

still slap happy,

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Melinda Speece said...

Sometimes I think slap happy is my new normal . . . hilarious!