15 October 2012

a Blend of Families

hey.sometimes you need an excuse to show off a backyard with a view of the night sky full of stars, a bottomless caldron of chili with a generous amount of s'more supplies. it's called fall, y'all. and that is what we did this weekend. we invited a few friends over to sup and celebrate the chill in the weather. it was a glorious reminder that god is the creator of community-all kinds of families coming together to enjoy our kids, a nice meal and the perfectly toasted marshmallow. dads finally meeting. kids running off into the dark armed with flashlights{and alluding the camera}. boys throwing in armloads of magnolia leaves to the fire to hear that peculiar popping sound. adults monitoring sticks-and fire. me hearing of my oldest's feat-jumping the fire. mamas relishing a moment to chat. eating. laughing. enjoying. it just so happens we all belong to the same homeschool tutorial. but don't hold that against us. every once in awhile we know how to cut loose. 

wood: gangnam style

 p.s. and we sure did enjoy celebrating a super sweet mama amongst us. 
{thanks to the Mister for playing photog and capturing these fleeting moments}

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