01 October 2012


ah. i live in the thick of it. all the time. the life of a busy mother with a one track mind. school. 

this past weekend we left the wild ass monkeys in the care of friends: amanda and jeff. very capable, childless couple sets of hands. and in their very capable hands we left keys to the family ride with a full tank of gas, beer money, a pantry of food-and a permission slip in case one of the boys needed open heart surgery whilst we were away.

and then we skipped town. drove up to NYC. a decadent getaway. the perfect place for a man who never sleeps and his haggard bride.

an uneventful drive up {unless you count the fighting followed by a few hours of silence}. remember how i mentioned i have a one track mind? 

but once we saw that amazing skyline, i was able to lighten up, much to the Mister's relief. we parked the car, walked to our hotel to drop off any evidence that we were not locals, then we took to the street. o, the streets of manhattan. i do adore thee. 

first stop. lunch. shake shack did not disappoint. then to another favorite. central park. the gingko trees were showing off. we caught a few live musical performances which as it turned out were more honest than the show we came to see at Radio City Music Hall.

a quick trip down 5th avenue to while away a few laughs. then we readied ourselves for what we thought was going to be a worthwhile music show performed by the newly-relocated-to-nashville boy, Jack White.

not a shining night for us nashville natives as our boy disappointed a sold out crowd by playing a short set.

but our night was not lost. we jumped in a cab with some friends for a long ride uptown. poor Mister sat crowded with girls draped all over him as we serenaded with banana rama {i saw them live back in the day}.

when we finally shuffled into our hotel at 2 am {ah, city life}, the city and the disappointment of a short show took their toll. but we managed to stay up way into the wee hours of the morning talking {what adults who don't have children get to do during normal business hours}. and we had a lot of business to discuss. 

o, i am indeed a lucky girl. i came away from this weekend even more delighted with my imperfect husband who loves me so well. to be perfectly honest he very chivalrously showed all us crazy girls a good time on the town, made us laugh, took care of a few who were over served and happily paid the tab. what a guy! and he showed me, his bride of 17 years, that he still knows how to cut loose and have a good time {responsibly} despite all he does in work and life. 

sunday greeted us, but without the fanfare of children needing breakfast and snuggles, so we took our time waking. the city awaited with more to do than we had time. 

the chelsea market called. and we answered. afterwards, we took a short walk to the high line, a railroad track converted into a garden where we met a woman who is riding her bike across the country with a typewriter-allowing strangers to write their stories which she will later compile into the great american poem. she calls herself the type rider. and that is where our story ends as well.

we hopped in the car {that was gifted with an enormous parking ticket} and headed away from the city back to our little town where our boys were waiting for us.
and they were happy to see us.


p.s.this weekend was made sweeter with the help of a&j who took such good care of our lads we never felt compelled to check in {we were having such fun we forgot we had kids}. and to my darling friend dana who took our little guitar hero to go see his first live show with phil keaggy. what a blessing!!!

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