06 September 2012

streets of philadelphia

as we were driving into the city last saturday down a street called lancaster lined with gingko trees, i was hopeful. o, what a lovely city. i was full of food from terrain {have i mentioned this place to you. only a few times, right? wink wink}, and i was high from having spent a delightful morning touring its gardens. my first glimpse of the city of brotherly love was just that-love. 

THEN. the gingko trees became industrial buildings. warehouses. and then. gasp. storefronts marked with XXX {and not the roman numeral variety}. store windows with scandalous wears and scandalous ahem wares {the vibrator/cell phone combo still has me speechless}. 

but the people who were walking in the streets, chatting and laughing warmly reminded me of my hometown, east nashville. the pavement was bustling with life. happy people. faces of hard living, but happy faces nevertheless. we crept through town at a snail's pace til we reached our hotel which was thankfully situated in the middle of most everything {i loathe driving in a large metropolitan city}. we parked our car, and for the next few days, we walked everywhere except when the pouring rain forced us to find refuge in the back of a kind haitian man's cab-much to the frustration of one boy in particular who does NOT enjoy public transportation.

i cannot tell you every detail of our journey, but i can share some snapshots. 

if you ever find yourself in philadelphia, consider visiting some of the places we found worthwhile...

1)enroute stop off here:

they serve yummy bread like this
looky! a little piece of home.

they're kid friendly

2) you can't NOT go here...

or here...

3) if you happen to be visiting on a first sunday, this place allows you to pay what you like to visit. renoir and klee for cheap, baby.

4) the dead sea scrolls were aaaamazing...

all in all our visit was unforgettable {as well as exhausting}. we ate at some fabulous restaurants. the people were incredibly friendly. and we managed to keep our wits about us {mostly}.

fortunately we were on the same block as this amazing market

while we were in this incredible city, i was inspired to have the boys begin a school project. stay tuned...

until next time. 


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