14 September 2012

a Kink in my week

this photo makes me so happy

a couple of years ago our christmas card read: it's been a crappy year. here's hoping yours was better. 

here's the thing. i don't like to pretend-or mince words apparently. and well, this week has been crappy trying.

from learning that one of our boys has a slight {the doc almost didn't even mention it, but who says a heart murmur isn't a big deal?} heart murmur, to learning that i have gained more weight than i did during my last pregnancy {not really, but it sure feels like it}, to forgetting where i was supposed to be when, to breaking my beloved grain mill which renders me incapable of keeping up with our little red apron organic cottage based flours business. i could keep going, but you get the picture. 

of course, my cares are nothing in the grand scheme of things. my little friend pearl is a champion. and my beloved friend betsy gave birth to her 6th boy-SIX BOYS!!! wow. and my husband is pursuing his passions outside the office in a most adventurous way. and my boys are loving learning. and our dog is being a complete rascal. and the weather has been amazing. 
and just last night i met up with my {fellow homeschool mom} friend julie {we managed to leave our denim jumpers at home} for a little charity cocktail girls night at one of my favorite places, silk and burlap. so, there. really. what do i have to complain about?
i love passing these boys in the hall
in other news, my boys have discovered the Kinks. we have been listening to this song over and over and over again. the lyrics really make me glad that there is someone else out there who gets it. he wrote a song that speaks to m-e.

since we won't be working the farmer's market {boo-hoo}, we'll have extra time to do other adventures this weekend. i want to go here. and maybe here too. and apparently i need the hike.{cue eye rolling, lordhavemercy} i'll catch you later.
the littlest traipsing around in my backpack from high school!!!


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linda said...

I don’t know you, but we have many mutual friends, and I just about died at your “It’s been a crappy year” Christmas card. Cheers to less than perfect weeks, and cheers to your weekend! :)