20 March 2013

what would wallis do?

i've been writing in my head. formulating ideas and outlining thoughts. in my head. my hands haven't quite reached the keyboard as i've been messing around with sick boys and diagrams of the skin. holding onto read alouds and firewood. doling out antibiotics. but today. well, today i told everyone to scoot because i needed to type. and here's why.

today is my bestie's birthday. her name is wallis. and i think she's pretty spectacular. i often think, "with wallis, all things are possible." and it's true. 

she can damn near do anything. from cook up any form of game her hunter husband drags home to throw an impromptu gathering for 50 without a moment's notice. it's her way. it's her gift that she shares freely with hands open and arms flung wide. if hospitality has a patron saint, it's our lady wallis. 

she coined the phrase, "the more the merrier" and when i say more, i think of more of everything. more love.{more wine} more chaos. more enjoyment. 

today my beloved is sunning herself in savannah. and i'm freezing in maryland. the good thing about the world wild web is that you can pen a few words, and voila! they're there. 

so, my darling friend who i affectionately call "macgyver in the kitchen"-happiest of days to you. i love you. wouldn't have nearly as many laugh lines without you. you make my life golden. you leave glitter and giggles in your wake. your girls couldn't hope for a more beautiful, winsome gatherer of joy. and your husband-don't.even.get.me.started. he won the lottery! big time. 

the best compliment i can offer is the one i gave you all those years ago which was, i hope my boys find a girl like you someday. 

i count it joy to sojourn on this wild journey with you. might i reserve a cocktail on your back porch, i don't know, say around the end of May? okay. thanks. o, and happy birthday!

until then...

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Anonymous said...

Amen, from the husband that won the lottery!