07 March 2013

knock on wood

right before the face plant

my sweet{single and ready to mingle wink, wink-boys}friend laura called to make sure i hadn't drunk myself into oblivion. i soothed her with words like, "it could be so much worse. i have a good husband* who's coming home-eventually." she encouraged, "yes. perspective." 
a visit with our favorite postmistress
but as the days of my home alone stint waxed on, i waned. the extra effort of making dinner, breakfast, lunch, snacks that seemed effortless, but in reality were quite time consuming. pancakes of multi-varieties, smoothies, cookies, popcorn, hot chocolate. and still having energy left over after a full day of cuddling and schooling and discipling because let's face it, it's not just the mamas who feel out of sorts when the papas leave. 
a chat with a local geologist
good heavenly day. it's like all the naughtiness was stowed away and dumped out like that dense, wet snow we had a couple days ago. the boo-hoos blanketed our home in the form of face plants, back aches and leg cramps and serious arguing. 
third eye pancake
i do believe when this man o' mine finally comes home, he'll wonder if it is safe to leave me home alone with his heirs. but we are on the home stretch. and you know what, i think we might just make it. knock on wood.

in retrospect, i should have decided that this would be a week of free wheeling, school wise. however, in truth the busy makes the days pass like lightening. it almost feels like yesterday when i was weeping as he drove to the airport. and he is due home very soon. a week has passed. 
zander, left. charlie, right.

we managed to make it to all our extra-curricular activities and field trips. the dvd player helped out too. more than i care to share. lessons learned-academically as well as the garden life variety. selfish is as selfish does. and boy. i am the queen of selfish. 
from julius caesar to caesar of planet of the apes

the weekend is hours away. rest? and fun. the maple syrup festival is up in our favorite cunningham falls. i can hardly wait. maple sugar. maple syrup. seeing the trees tapped with waiting buckets and being reminded of how much of a city-girl-who-wishes-she-was-a-country-girl i am. and getting to see the 6 year old see his reading come alive ala laura ingalls wilder. thank god for reading. that's what saw me through some harrowing moments. running up to my room with a book and a little boy who still loves to snuggle whilst i read to him.
there's something about harry

it's thursday. and dinner is simmering. and fencing awaits. and the one with whom i parent will arrive home, tired, but hopefully ready to resume the reins. so i best go...
inspired by terminator

thanks for listening,

epilogue: take a page out of my Mister's play book. when you travel, leaving your good wife behind to hold down the fort filled with kids and animal whilst a snow storm blows down trees, don't tell her, "the reason i didn't call you yesterday was because i was distracted{with other people}." {i.e. visiting, holding babies and boozing with the brothers}. not good, husband. not good.

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