23 December 2012

day 10: lady like

if i had a dollar for every time someone looked at me with all these boys of mine and made a comment like: "no girls? you poor thing" well, i would have a lot of dollars. but the stranger who makes such a quick, misguided assumption has it all wrong.

you see, i do have a lot of girls- in my life. sisters, nieces. women friends. little friends who come to bake with me. darling daughters of friends who now wear my old dance recital costumes. i have grandmother friends. some single girlfriends. the fact is i have oodles and oodles of girls in my life. too many to count really. just none that i gave birth to. 

but here's the thing. having four boys has not stopped me from tea parties, slumber parties, attending the ballet, reading secret love notes and participating in impromptu dance recital sing-alongs. in fact having four boys has only made me crave all things feminine even more.

yesterday i was driving my brood of boys through the mountains of virginia whilst they watched the movie spartacus with their father. i picked up the phone{i know. i know. not safe to talk and drive.} and phoned my most feminine friend, wallis who instantly brought a little lady likeness to my moment. then i promptly took out my de-funk lavender spray and doused the car with a haze of sweetness.

i would be remiss if i did not point out THE most important woman who has taught me most everything i know about being lady like: my sister-best-friend-trailblazer, donna aka thelma {think thelma and louise}. with a quick reminder to "put a little lipstick on". she can say that. she's my sister-and i need the help. 

in honor of all my feminine persuasions, here are a few snapshots of the girls/women/ladies who have kept me sane and silly and so so lady like.

her: "sister, put on some lipstick."  me: only if i can wear that coral shade you got on."

and who knows. maybe someday in the future-like the waaaay distant future-there will be some daughters like 4 to be exact{wink wink}

until then, i will enjoy all these ineffable girls who continue to inspire and enchant me in ways better than i deserve.


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hootenannie said...

It's so good to be a girl. Love that you have plenty of women to celebrate girly-ness with!