13 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas{writing}

the year anniversary of this little writing corner is coming up. one year. if this blog were a baby, she would be just beginning to walk. and that is how i feel. toddling about. with words that can somewhat be incoherent. reaching, grasping, fledgling attempts to take off. 

many of you have quoted me to my face which is endearing and frightening. writing is a scary proposition. kind of like learning to walk. the missteps that leave one tumbling face down. the glee in independence. the world opened up one step at a time. this place has been that to me. opening up parts of myself that have always been there, but needed a little encouraging and cajoling. from the deepest{and sometimes darkest}parts of me, thank you for being here with me.

so in celebration of the many people in my life whom i adore, the next 12 days will be spent writing about those souls who have meant an immeasurable amount to me. 

sewing and crafting often allude me, but i can sort of put words together. so that is what i plan to do. pay homage to my christmas list here. rather than crochet a hat or sew a quilt for those on my christmas list, i have decided to write about each person-a public display of my affection for sure. this is an opportunity for my little blog community to know those who have greatly influenced my life. and aren't people remarkable? who doesn't like a good story? all true. i hope you come back...


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