06 November 2012

saved by the bell

you're welcome, future daughter-in-law

the boys have been so kind to me today. one chided, "mom, go lie down. i'll keep everyone on task." one donned an apron to take charge of the kitchen{for a small fee}, bringing me a bell to ring in case i needed anything. one came in to give me a cuddle. and one forgot he had a HUGE biology assignment due today for his science class. 

i am home, sick. our little household has been a bit under the weather as of late. this morning i woke feeling rather crummy. sadly nothing has made me feel better. not yoga. not hot coffee. not resting in bed. not even an uninterrupted hot shower. but it's still early. 

and once all this good attending wanes, i'll be thrown back in to wrestle the monkeys. until that moment comes, i plan to sit in my quiet room. with my bell.

o, before i forget...wanted to show you a little snippet of an amateur{shot by the 13 year old}video the two oldest worked on while we were in philadelphia in september. they approached strangers to ask, "what does it mean to you to be an american?" here is one interview of many. i hope it inspires you to talk to strangers and maybe find your way to the polls{if you haven't already}.

another important bell


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