17 November 2012

guns a'blazin': venting and vetting

my sweet friend allison texted this morning, "what's going on? you haven't blogged since you were sick. are you okay?" 

i realized it's been a while since i clicked on this little place. the truth is every single time i thought i had 3 consecutive minutes to sit down, a boy hollered. a bloody nose dripped{or was it a broken nose?}on my shoulder, an arrow nicked someone's neck, a dog needed tending, a fist fight broke out, or someone needed help spelling for the umpteenth time.

the truth is i have been covered up with life-some good, some crazy, some surprising, with a great deal of anxiety, gnashing of teeth and sleepless nights to boot. i know you get it.

here's the thing. i long thought that once my boys no longer needed me to bathe them, change their diapers and feed them, i would have a break. WRONG. the physical needs decrease{in direct proportion}as the emotional needs increase. it's some kind of sick game of whack a mole. and when i say their physical needs decrease, i simply mean, their physical needs they need met by me. because lord have mercy their physical needs are off the chart. wrestling, throwing, fighting, climbing, running and did i mention wrestling? it has me wondering if we should be looking for a house with a padded room-for me or for them.   

right now as i type, the dog is barking like a lunatic{our neighbors looooove us} whilst the mister is readying the two older boys for an overnight hiking trip to the mountains of virginia where they will explore nature as they talk birds and bees.

with all this increasing hormonal upheaval in our household, it seems like the time is here. we've always been open with our boys about sex. trying to answer their questions honestly, but with this new stage in their lives... goodness. all this emotional upheaval. happy one second. raging the next.complicated. and for the first time i am not just writing about me. for all those out there who think girls own the monopoly on emotional complexity, let me just tell you-THEY DON'T! so the Mister is going to take them to the woods to chat about their changing bodies and how natural it is and how to work with what god gave you. i'll be honest, the boys were less than thrilled with the prospect of hearing their father address issues of masturbation and pornography. yikes. lucky boys. lucky.boys. i'll maybe ask them to debrief here afterwards. what do you think?

some of you might be reading this with that familiar smile. you have lived through it. would you please let me know that i will too? i could use some encouragement. 

some of you are reading this horrified. i am sorry. the business of parenting isn't for the lazy or faint of heart. and don't count on it ever really ending. your gig as parent{as far as i can tell} goes on til you're in the grave-or it takes you to the grave.

in the past 20 minutes of trying to type this little piece, i have had about 24 interruptions. life, it seems, is calling...

"mom! come quick!" yells the littlest. he points out the window to a male and female cardinal who dance around and fly into the same bush. hmmmm

okay. onward. and upward. 

have a lovely weekend.

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