22 November 2012

god save the queen!

where's harry?...

it is not traditional, but the older i get the more i realize...what was i saying?

o, yes. once upon a time there was a woman who worked really hard to make a perfect home. 3 kids in, she lost her steam. 4 kids later. and well, S.O.S.

so today is thanksgiving. a rather radical holiday really. progressive notions led those infamous pilgrims to hire the likes of one rebellious miles{or was it myles}standish to float them across the pond where they, depending on your take on history, made some new friends, claimed land and made a home. 

here's to making this day whatever it needs to be for you to be aware of all there is to be grateful for. stressed from emphasizing the stuffing and not remembering the grace? haggard from basting the turkey, but forgetting an extra measure of kindness to the ones who will be eating said basted{blasted}turkey? yes. i know the feeling. so this year we are rewriting our history, taking a little detour from tradition.

you see i make about 325 suppers a year. here's one that is worth outsourcing, you know so that i can enjoy what matters. not the food{lovingly prepared by not me}. not the papier-mâché turkeys. not the fake leaf-lined cornucopia. what really matters is my 5 men. so this year, my course is charted not for my kitchen, but for the local restaurant.

here's hoping you find peace in a heart full of thanks. pass the salt and the love.

...off dissecting crayfish


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