28 December 2011

Stop. Drop. Roll.

I get bored quickly. It takes a lot to impress me (much to the frustration of my husband). Sometimes I lose my temper. Saying I'm sorry comes quickly especially with my children because they are the ones who usually bear the brunt of my weakness. I have been known to over commit and crash my car into the garage from exhaustion. Pitching my tent (figuratively speaking-I am not much of a camper) beyond my comfort zone is where I thrive. All of this comes from having an entrepreneurial father who married an industrious woman.

A few years back my second born lay in bed weeping. "I am going to pray that Daddy loses his job." His father's job was going to take us 800 miles from cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and best friends. The job was going to take us away from our darling cottage situated on an oversized shady lot that had been the destination for many a party, play date, impromptu neighborhood bonfire. For me this job was an opportunity for our family to grow, thrive-to pitch our tent outside our comfort zone.

Three years have passed since that journey began. We are all a bit worn from all the unexpected detours this adventure has cost us. We look back to our homeland with wistful glimpses. We Skype. We write. We visit. We welcome. We hope. But mostly we appreciate that we are so loved to be missed and so enjoyed to be welcomed.

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Corine said...

I enjoy reading your blog. This one really touched me, especially when you mentioned your homeland. I know you are missed terribly, but hope you will find comfort in knowing that God has a grand purpose for you being there. Kinda like when you see a painting upclose, you only see tiny strokes of paint but when you step back you see the big beautiful painting.