27 December 2011

Little boy blues

I have these boys in my life. There are 6. My Mister. Four offspring. One dog. All male. All different. All delightful. So last night the youngest boy who is human (our dog is the youngest) was snuggling in bed pontificating on things way above my pay grade at that hour at night. We were remembering a sweet friend who is no longer on this side of life, he died a few weeks ago. The 5 year old said, "I think Gus is sleeping in heaven. He gets to be with Jesus for Christmas." O, what a lovely vision. But in my vision there is a mama many states away celebrating with not 4, but 3 little ones. The 5 year old broke in to my thoughts with a heartfelt question, "Mom, why do we say Jesus lives in our heart when our brain is the most important? I mean, the brain controls the heart." And there I lay silenced, sorrowful as I sweetly snuggled my baby boy. O, how the sweet commingles with the sorrow. That is what gives life such meaning.

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Ariana said...

I too thought about that sweet boy this Christmas and his last words to his mama. Sweetness and sorrow indeed.