01 July 2014

community does

there it stands. so stately and intimidating. the davidson county courthouse. even as i drove over, i was a little shaky. this is where justice is served and often where {i think of} bad guys are sentenced for their wrong doings. but not today. not in this case.

today friends mandy and eric threw open the doors and allowed all who wished to witness this auspicious moment in their lives, the adoption of their daughter. it was breathtaking. i am forever changed. 

and as i stood around those hallowed halls, laughing with friends, chatting, listening, i began to think. this is what community does. community...

waits in the wings til your name is called.

rocks and entertains chatty and sometimes fussy babies who are missing nap times.

rushes down to feed the meter.

gets shushed over and over again because they are carrying on too loudly for the other court rooms to actually carry on their proceedings.

weeps at the sight of your friends accepting the charge as parents.

and excitedly allows this to interrupt their previously scheduled whatevers.

because, well. it is worth it. showing up. to life and all it's highs and lows. this high will carry all of us for a good, long while.

congratulations, precious ones. and thank you for allowing all of us to see clearly this picture of how we are all lovingly sought after and adopted into God's family. sought and adopted.

see good,
xo gf

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