29 July 2013

are you there, blog? it's me, girl friday.

hello. it's me. the long lost writer, girl friday who took a hiatus from writing-here. i call it a creative pause. 

in these months since our move i have been afforded the opportunity to savor solely and souly my surroundings. and as much as i wanted to jot down my thoughts in paragraphs and prose, i was just too selfish with my time. o, that fleeting-never-enough-priceless commodity. 

time. a four letter word that can be used and abused. i have tried to do the former. purposefully. 

using my time to reconnect with long-not-lost friends. mourning. listening. laughing. sipping. watching. wondering. crying. resting. traveling. gazing. and grabbing the last bits of summer before life turns upside down. from an easy unscheduled pace to the sound of alarm clocks {for the first time ever}. the bustling of book bags as two of mine leave the homeschool nest. more on that later.

so dear ones, who have written and stopped me in person to ask, "where are you, writer friend?" i am here. looking around. thinking. culling more material to process and ponder and eventually share. and boy do i have loads to share. i have two months of stories and happenings that are begging to be written and a phone teeming with photographs i will gladly force upon you. 

happy to be back. 

yours still, 
xo gf

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