16 June 2013

a tale of two fathers

one never graduated from high school. one graduated with a masters from vanderbilt. one grew up extremely poor and set out early to work hard despite all he had working against him. another grew up without a mother and set out early to find family, to make a place to belong. one was blessed with two daughters. another blessed with four sons. 

these two men. the most important in my life, may seem very different at first blush. they have seemed almost like opposites to me for the past 20 years. it's only in the last few years i have been able to understand how very similar they are. 

both love their children dearly.  both have moved heaven and earth to create a beautiful place to call home. both love a good adventure. both would rather be outdoors than anywhere else. both have that entrepreneurial streak in them something strong. 

both have worked fiercely, often to their detriment, so that others could eat, sleep and dream. both are reminders to me that imperfection can be honed and whittled and fashioned in a way that shows the Creator's genius, not ours.

happy father's day to the first man in my life, my father.

and happy father's day to the last man in my life, my Mister.


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