07 January 2014

2013 was a moving year

i am not one for resolutions. i already feel like i am not keeping up so why add fuel to the fire. but if i did make resolutions, it would be to write more letters especially to my boys. in those letters, i would remind them of all i like about them, reminiscing over time well spent. but i am a loser. i don't write enough. but i do take photos. my only way of remembering all that we do. and in a given year, it's not unusual for me to take thousands. you know just to remember stuff cause my memory also needs some work. perhaps more sudoku would help with that? next years non-resolution. but back to this year. 

it's been a year. what a year! unlike a few years past when those who love me and know me received christmas cards which honestly read, "it's been a crappy year", this year has been better, kinder. full of promise and hopefulness and change (and no christmas cards). and even though i loathe the word busy, i will let you take a peek into our last 365 days. a recap if you will. 

our lives are full. brimming with all kinds of sweetness, sorrow, wonder and while. i managed to keep 4 boys alive. a huge feat. and i moved those 4 boys and two dogs with the help of the Mister and loads of lovely friends and family from the mid atlantic back to the mid south. another huge feat!

now prepare for photo overload. i wish the pictures came with sound. o, the volume! 

herein lies a little of what we did/saw/learned/loved. it's been moving...
charlie discovered the benefits of hanging with teachers outside of class

the passing of the baton: big charles gave little charles his 40 year old deer rifle

went to see casa de washington aka mount vernon

gave up on family photos

played tourists in our favorite place: nashville

got dolled up for a funeral

got creative with teachable moments

put a lot of miles (and a new transmission) on the boy mobile

discovered homeschooling these two is hard. real hard.

enjoyed friday night lights

found a new watering hole

yelled: a lot

drank: a lot

took loads and loads of photos

hiked: a lot

toyed with the idea of getting bangs: decided it was too much

got dolled up for a wedding

drank: a lot

ran with the mayor

shot guns

got dolled up for a ballet

played poker

got dolled up for church

ran for fun. in the rain. for beer.

baked: a lot

bid adieu to our mid atlantic life

baked: a lot

said hello to our second (SECOND!) dog

said good bye to some of my besties

said hello to my first love

had a little help moving

added triathlon to their curriculum vitae

realized these two make up the "wild" and "ass" in the wild ass monkeys

drank: a lot

used up a lot of nail lacquer

sent the boys to uncle george's for a week

sent these two off to public school

watched my love receive the coveted epps spark plug award

bought braces: twice

was given a school calendar for the first time-ever

drank: a lot

celebrated 18 years 

hiked: a lot

laughed: a lot

and last but not least...

found my groove-or something like it. 

here's to another year chocked full of all kinds of adventures: wild ass monkey style.
gf xo


Silk Burlap said...

We miss your bright happy lips in the mid-atlantic.
Hope to catch you in Nashville someday soon,


Silk Burlap said...

We miss your bright happy lips in the mid-atlantic.
Hope to catch you soon in Nashville,